Writing While Teaching, and since

In my 30-odd years (or if I think about it, 30 odd years) of teaching I had to write to create lesson plans, learning materials, children’s progress reports. I had to teach writing – the three “strands” of the English Currioculum (brought into effect in the late 1980s) being Expressive writing, Transactional writing and (I think) Reportive writing. Want to learn how to do something well? Teach it!

I taught Intermediate level for most years, with some Junior class years and a couple of years of a Full Primary – 5 year olds to 12 year olds (Years 1 to 8). Then about five years of teaching at Secondary level (Years 7 to 13).

A four year stop, while I studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Information & Communications Technology (Applied). After a few placements with odd jobs, I ended up lecturing in Computer courses at the local Polytechnic. Once again, writing to create learning and assessment materials, reports to admin.

In the meantime, at about the time I started the computer degree, I discovered MSN Groups (R.I.P.) Image representing MSN as depicted in CrunchBase

and ran a group there for NZ native birdlife enthusiasts, as well as my personal blog.

I also found Blogspot/Blogger, Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...where I have a personal venting blog, and a couple of other blogs –
one on book reviewing (http://read-it-reviewed-it.blogspot.co.nz/ ),
and one on accidental gardening (http://gardeningaccidents.blogspot.co.nz/)

When MSN pressured members to remove to Multiply, I continued my personal blogging thereImage representing Multiply as depicted in Cru..., re-established a native birdlife group and joined groups for creative writing. I Loved those groups, Multiply is now dead as far as social networking goes. They made the decision to chase marketplace users, and threw all us social bloggers out. [Edit:: I am reloading my better/funnier pieces from multiply to a wordpress blog here  as from early April 2k13]

I found Blogster (http://www.blogster.com/lynnem-s/) – and a “Multiply Refugees” group which made the transition easier.
I’m there now— blogging away …

But after a horrific fall and the onslaught of a horrible health condition, I took up an online course in creative writing, working from my hospital bed at home with my laptop. I too two years to achieve the Certificate, and in 2012 I completed the Diploma course.

The Course work encouraged me to tackle NaNoWriMo in 2011 – but as I didn’t even find out about it until the 16th or so of November, I failed to get anywhere close to the 50,000 word target. Though my graph showed that if I’d started on the 1st of the month I’d’ve made it.

This year (2K12) I took on Script Frenzy The Script Frenzy logoin April, and achieved the page count required,

and took another crack at NaNoWriMo again this November. I made the 50K target, but have editting and more writing to do.

Currently I’m working to put together an anthology of some of my poems and short stories as an eBook, hopefully aiming to hasve it online by February.

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