Pulling an All-Nighter

Pulling an All-Nighter a 5-minute quickie

She had been working on his damned report for hours. At five thirty, she’d saved and backed up the file, and copied it to the corporate drop box. But as she passed her boss’s office, he’d virtually ordered her to work on through the evening, telling her he’d have a meal sent in at about seven.

So reluctantly she’d re-opened the file, and carried on collating files, reports and anecdotes into his main document of his national quality systems check of all minor departments. It was five in the morning when she finished…

She was so exhausted, she tried to sleep lying back in her chair, but being upright was so uncomfortable. eventually she sleepily clambered up on to her desk, and spread herself out, lying on her side. She snoozed fitfully at first, then deeply.

The hum of the building’s elevators coming to life at six disturbed her slightly – just enough to turnover again; as she turned, her knee slid over the [ No ] button to the “Do you want to [Save]?”

Given a photograph of a young woman asleep, curled up on an office desk, and five minutes.

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