The Sun Is The Eye … (a CRC challenge)

Photograph credited to


The moon has given the sun an eye
at last, with which to see through us.
It is the eye of a tiger, a lynx, a lion
a dragon. It sees our sins, our lust.
How rarely it has the chance to see
what’s been wreaked on earth by we
who’ve deforested green, salted the earth,
eroded hillsides, filled rivers with dirt,
diverted or dammed god’s rivers and streams,
built cities of wealthy nightmarish dreams –
overcrowded, stressed and under-nourished.
The sun sees we’ve ruined what flourished.
People are losing their hope and their faith
replaced for some with a longing for death.
The sun sees how climates we’ve changed;
while we wring our hands like beings deranged..

© Lynne McAnulty-Street, Rotorua NZ, 2012 June

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