Tyger Cub – Fearful Symmetry

daily post 1st October, ’13  Fearful Symmetry
Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

Trying to write an article –
typing deep past midnight,
trusting the thesaurus
to make the words come right.

Tiptoeing to the kitchen – Ssh –
teaspoon from the drawer –
tea with honey hits the spot. Re-
-turn to struggle more.

Ten am’s the deadline,
Tiger is the theme –
that newborn cub at the local zoo –
touching children’s dreams

to hold it, or enfold it
tightly in their arms,
tickle it, stroke it, then re-
-turn it to its wary mum,

to tongue it, to groom it,
to lick it, to feed it,
to calm it and and soothe it,
to test it’s not been harmed.

Truth to tell, my article’s
to draw a crowd to view
the cub’s first day in public, then
task the tiger cub’s fanatics-
toddlers, teens, mums ‘n’ dads-
to try and name it, too.

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