So, who’s this McAennyl, and what does she do?

I’m Lynne McAennyl, the nome de plume I’ve chosen for my writing.

What writing? Well, I have more than one book in the draft stage, and zig-zag to and fro between them as I finish some part, edit another part, totally rewrite another. I need a confidence booster, I think, to kick myself into proper production mode.

I write poems, short stories, the occasional news article. I am a freelance book reviewer, and a contracted editor. I have other blogs as well, and I tweet and Facebook (but don’t look for me there as I’m there for family only.

My blog here is ready for connecting to readers -old and new- and committing to putting fingers to keyboard Daily (or, more regularly).

Any readers who used to be at the social network site multiply may know my writing there, as Red Penn. I have a blog where I have posted some of the writing I did at that site. I set it up as (proud to say) I received many requests to repost some of my pieces I’d written for multiply’s writing groups.

Well, that’s me, in brief, following the directions for January. Look around, feel free to Like, Share. If  you leave your blog address, do have the courtesy to also please make some kind of comment too, so I’ll know what to expect if I drop in? Thanks for calling,

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