A Writer’s only as good as her Observation skills

And, watching and listening are the major part of observations.

Here are some observations made while watching the Le Mans motor racing event in the weekend.


Watching, with Hubby, the Le Mans motor racing via streaming video down from the web, the commentary fed me with some hilariously amusing dialog and sound blit’s that I just Have to figure how to write them into a book.

Two commentators of the Irish kind, let’s call them Com1 and Com2:
Com1 – Andy Baker’s here. … Actually, both the Baker brothers are here.
Com2 – Eah, yeahr – they’re here–both of them.
Com1 – Tha’s right–both the brothers are here.
Com2 – Aye, both the Bakers.

I’m cracking up by then – such an intelligent commentary! LOL

Com3 (discussing a well known racer) – do you know what he does when he’s flying?
Com4 – Go on, tell us…
Com3 – He waits until the passenger next to him falls asleep, the he leans on him and takes a ‘selfie’ of the two of them, and straight away posts it on Twitter.
Com4 – Eah, good craik, that!

Again, I’m laughing myself silly

With the glitches in the sound track, the commentary sometimes would go into a loop. So these are a couple of the more amusing ones …

Com1 – Ooh, look, that’s quite a delay-delay-delay there in the pit.

Com? – and of course, here’s the Ferari-rari-rari coming around-round-round the tightest bend.

Someone in the house said…
“Jaysus, that’s a helluva stutter he’s got there!”

And I’m falling off the arm chair laughing !
And there were so Many of these loop glitches! I have Got to work these into Some story or the other!

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