Ready, Set, Dash!

Ready, Set, Dash!
Have no mercy on your keyboard for ten minutes as you give us your most unfiltered self.
Edit later, or publish as-is…

Mucked up my own earnings today, by allowing myself to ” volunteer” to bring work home and charge less. Only after I started did I realize how freaking HUGe the task is. Got to website, find list of their subsidiaries, open a spreadsheet , head up each field, then pop back and forth between the two, copy n pasting invifidual bits of info from one into the other..
And remembering to Save as you go.
I forgot to save and worked for an hour. Sixteen identities each with eighteen spreadsheet cells to be filled where the info was available, and I’m going flat tach to get as much done as quick As I can…
And the puter decides I’m going too fast and “hang on there Lynne while I catch up.”
One frozen app, a forced restart and -shut! No data left since the last save.
Check the auto save recovery file – it’s the same.

What’s worse? I was using the household server, not my own laptop, as I cannot remember my own password and as I have the Adnisitrator account on the lappie, I have no me to call,on to help.

Then there was the issue of why the new earbud phones weren’t working with my Android. Hubby persists in changing settings and changing them back, getting more and more cross as it has him beat.
While he was away gettin DD to word I found the setting and fixed it.
So at least I had One success this evening. Now I’m writing this on my iPad while I’m s’posed to be watching motorcycle racing wiv hubby (cos we Nove like motor cycle racing). But this ain’t getting that laptop back, nor the contract work done. S O Dear some days are just sackful, aren’t they.
It’s a message form God (not a mission for God) to take things slow. Too good at dropping myself into the brown stuff, me. I keep piling up,the work and the wonder why I get tetchy and wobbly with stress! Well, d’uh!
OMG that racetrack is ankle deep in eater! The race has race has been stopped. Oh hang on – that happened a while ago. Now the tracks dried out they’re waving a green Flag ready to restart. That’s more like it.
Hey I’ve just realized something cool. The iPad is fixing my punctuation as I go. I haven’t hit an apostrophe, comma or full-stop yet! Oh well done iPad! Hang on – I have hit the odd comma and the hyphen. Oo and the full stop. And after a full,stop it starts the Nast word with a capital anyway MSWord can.t do that. Checking timer… Bak soon

Think I went over the ten. Darned timer doesn’t beep if you’re using another app. And I thnk I wrote that last time, somehow



Obvious now, isn’t it, that my typing is ‘off’.

Re that laptop password…after hubby (household network admin) had tried all sorts of tricks while I washed the dishes, I walked to the lappie as he used his puter to search for ‘how-to’ online. And without even thinking about it, I logged on with my usual password, letting my fingers do the thinking instead of my head. ZAP! I’m in!.

anyone want me to edit the 10-min quick write so you can really get it?

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