Brain Haiku – too late for competition, dammit

Too late to enter, I read the brief for a haiku competition, to be written about the brain. Sat and threw together more than the required one or two, went to the Submissions page, decided before proceeding to read the “rules”, and found it had closed on the 14th (give or take a few).

SO annoyed. Why had the page not been updated? The “rules” were buried behind a link at the foot of the page – you know, down there below the guts of it, where hardly anyone ever looks.

Anyway, not wanting to waste all that hard work (nah, quick and dirty, really) … here they are.

The problem with society today is … nobody drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore. (source unknown)

Memory and links,
internal data storage –
my real computer.        *

Synapses firing –
data stored in my brain,
secure in my skull.


Knowledge turns into
information – bits, bytes in
read-write memory.     *


From deep in my brain
unrequested memories
enter my day dreams.

imagination freed from
external constraints.     *

In my skull, my brain’s
internal data storage –
read-write memory.

Reading memory –
information data lines
recall stored data        *

The asterisk? These haiku wouldn’t have made any progress through the competition. You can tell me why, yeh?


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