Book: “Tell, Don’t Show”

A review of a load-lightening book just read…

Tell, Don't Show!Tell, Don’t Show! by James Lofquist

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So there we are, in November, NaNo’ing away and “pow”–we write a beautifully descriptive “Show” and by the time we’ve finished that–we’ve “lost the plot”.
Am I right? ‘Fess up–it happens.
Okay, I’ll ‘fess up–it happened to me. And as my creative flow subsided to a trickle, I spent d-a-a-a-ys trying to remember that fantastic plot point that was supposed to follow.
In the time spent in “showing” my reader the scenery, I’d lost track of the action.
IF ONLY I had known the “Tell” was OK in a first draft.
But after three years studying creative writing, ‘show, don’t tell’ was well and truly under my skin.
No more – I have got rid of that premise, and fully adopted LOFQUIST’s concept.
As should you, the Booker Prize author washing dishes while awaiting discovery.
Enjoy the new freedom!

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