In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills
If I could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would I pick?

“Roll up! Roll up! Throw a Dart, pop a balloon, win a skill! A buck for three darts. Roll up – Ya gotta be in it to win it!”

Sheese, it is just like a sideshow game, yeh?

Every balloon on the backboard of the carnival of life’s side-show is labelled with a skill, and colour coded. Green, yellow, orange, red.

And all I have to do is pop one – One – to ensure I have or will master that balloon’s skill during this year.

Problem::I suck at darts. Give me a day with a bottle of social and confidence booster, a dart board and darts, and no one to distract me, and I’ll get my eye “in” and toss a perfect round. But, hand me darts and expect me to hit a balloon and I’m toast.

Thought to self :: “Aim.”

Question to self :: “Aim for what?”

Green balloons labelled with no new challenges: Teaching, compulsory and tertiary – no problem, and fun. Systems analysis – easy-peasy and fun. Information systems- ditto. Business administration, Book-keeping, Budgetting- ditto. Self-defence-ditto. Counseling- ditto. Reviewing books- ditto. Garden demolition, Landscape design, Interior design,  Reading, Performance reading, Elocution, Problem-solving…all ditto.

Yellow balloons labelled with skills I’m working on: Writing, Keeping particular Orchid species/varieties alive, Raising Kowhai seedlings to planting out stage, Ikebana, Drawing, Photography, Bodhran, Pool …

Orange balloons for skills I’ve attempted, but failed or lapsed: Baking, Knitting (by hand), Swimming (from age eight to thirteen), Tennis (at thirteen), Piano, Violin (twelve to fourteen), Singing (thirteen to sixteen, then as adult), Reading music (all time) …

Red balloons for skills I’ve had neither opportunity, budget nor courage for, only a fervent wish: Archery, Gunmanship- rifle and/or handgun, Search & Rescue, Flying (as in, as pilot), Sailing, Fishing, Horse riding, Rock Climbing, Roller skating/blading, Softball, Money-making …

“Come on lady, pick a balloon and aim for it. Every one’s a winner!”

Well, there is one other red balloon there. It’s label? “Living alone, self sufficient, and loving it”. Sure, if I gained that skill, that goal, that heaven, the only part of the world to benefit would be me.

But then aren’t new year resolutions for oneself?

So, Yeh. I’ll aim for that one. And if I miss but hit another, I still win, right?

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