21 House-hold Cost Cutters

21 Household Cost-Cutters

  1. Budget, budget, budget
  2. Allow your children to learn–let them see the budget, till runners, household bank statements, the bills and paying them, parents discussing the monthly household running costs
  3. Buy long-store consumables in bulk for discount–but not if they require refrigeration or freezer costs to keep
  4. Eat healthily–reduce illnesses and doctors’ and prescription fees
  5. Everyone exercises–(walking or cycling, sport, gardening, a recreational activity) to avoid bad muscle tone and health conditions, and avoid gym costs
  6. Keep the children’s allowances low–open a savings account for each one
  7. All boarders pay for their keep—even your children after leaving school
  8. VOIP—do away with that telephone bill each month
  9. Combine gas and electricity providers—possible dual fuel discounts
  10. Internet banking—pay an estimated “half” of the bill a fortnight before the complete amount is due
  11. AutoPay—avoid late fees
  12. Grow your own fruit and vegetables–organic is cheaper than chemical gardening
  13. Search for bargains on essentials–online or in catalogues
  14. Forget fashion–practical is longer lasting
  15. Everyone in the house learns basic clothing care and repair–even makeover dressmaking
  16. Buy on LayBy–get what you want without any price hikes while it waits until you have all the money saved
    • Chart children’s LayBy payments so they see how many more payments to go.
  17. Pay off the highest interest credit card or overdraft first–no matter what
  18. Call your credit card supplier and arrange a temporary spending block on it–ensure it’s Your choice when to unblock it
    • As the balance drops, arrange for a reduction in the allowed overdraft
  19. Learn to do without–especially it’s not within your budget
  20. Get rid of the DVD player and the DVD hire card
    • Prefer reading – the library is free
  21. Sell redundant kitchen gadgets–they use $$ to run them, whereas hand equipment is cheaper to buy and free to use

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