Here is Me, in eN Zee, from A to Zee

Action movies – especially those featuring Vin Diesel and/or Jason Statham,

Bodhrán (pronounced as bow[i]-rahn) – the goatskin drum – learning how to play it;

Camping – wish I could do it as I did as a child – ground cover, blanket, fly sheet, Thermette, and tough it out

Dogs – I love them. Share-milker Dad had one – Pat; I had a black Labrador, Morfyn[ii]; a golden-haired Spaniel, Mischief; and a Basenji[iii], Hundido[iv] Mambaso[v], “Toffee”; the minded another, Pharaoh. I’d have another Basenji at a shot!

Elegant dress – I don’t, though I’d like to; but it’s not always practical, and I don’t go to many places where it’d be worth getting dolled up

Family – one hubby, and three off-spring (plus one unofficial)

Gardening – if it don’t thrive, pull it out

Heights – used to be able to get up on a roof, no worries; now, no more than two steps up a ladder and I’m anxious

Irish – ancestry, St Paddy’s day, genealogy, The Pogues, Chris Rea, U2, The Dubliners et al

Junk shops – “you never know what you’re gonna get”

Kids – love teaching them old-school skills and how to learn, and study

Library – mine – cartons and cartons of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, reference book, et al

Mum and Dad (R.I.P) – they made me who I am today – grateful

Numeracy – a word I hate; it’s a more politically correct version of Arithmetic, so why not call it that? Arithmetic is Not mathematics – it’s a branch or base-line For mathematics

Orchids – love them, and love hubby for creating an all-weather shelter for the collection.

Prawn Pizzas – Love them

Quiz shows on tele – The Chase, Who Wants to be a Millionaire – great fun trying to beat the contestants

Rock – when I want to write lots of words, good rock gets me pumping – AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Metallica, The Pogues, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Queen…

Steeples – always want to climb to the top – with a camera (refer H)

Tin whistle – played recorder in primary school, and learning to play this now.

Umbrellas – I love watching people in Wellington struggle with umbrellas which have blown inside out in a gale

Violin – started to learn but quit (couldn’t read music); wish I’d persevered

Work history – fifty-five full and part-time jobs, paid and gratis

X-Rays – for foot (fracture of the styloid process of the left fifth metatarsal), spine (metastatic melanoma in the T6 vertebra, hip – (total hip replacement, botched and redone)

Youth – I feel I’m only twenty-nine on a good day

Zatch – greatest dictionary find when I was eleven – no, I’m not defining it here; and I shouldn’t have in the classroom either – apparently

Post concept borrowed, with permission, from KiwiChickxx

[i]  As in a ship’s bow
[ii]  Means ‘black hair’, via Tolkien’s elvish dictionary
[iii]  Bred from hunting dogs from Zaire
[iv]  His Kennel name – Esperanto, means little dog, I believe
[v]  Swahili for fighting axe

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