5 Areas We Need Permission for Success — Kristen Lamb

permission Granted

Permission. This might seem an odd word to discuss when it comes to success, but we need to hash out some dos and don’ts before January 1st. New Year’s resolutions are often more about taking freedoms away instead of permitting new ones. In my opinion, this is why a lot of well-intended changes fail to…

via 5 Areas We Need Permission for Success — Kristen Lamb

I’ve not reposted this because it may win me a free critique.

I’ve reposted this because, while struggling with the dreaded “BLOCK”, I discovered a powerful tool for developing and releasing one’s inner artist. As writing is art, I have purchased and am following The Artist’s Way (author Julia CAMERON). In her book –intended for the visual, physical, musical, and language artists among us all, the basic principles encourage us to recognise the source of our creativity.
The first week’s readings encourage us to face our demons, to revisit our hindrances, and to allow ourselves to create.

How timely to discover Kristen Lamb’s post! Enjoy reading Kristen Lamb’s full post.


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