Agony and Anxiety

The agony of uncertainty while waiting for recovery fills your every day, chooses your every thought and every word you have to say. You sit beside your child’s bed, your mind chases what nurses, doctors said…

         ‘It won’t be long’ | ‘It’s too soon to tell’
‘A proven treatment’ | ‘In its trial phase’
‘We needed your permission first’ | ‘We had to go ahead without you’
‘A bit of a warning sign’ | ‘Nothing to worry about’
‘You can go in now’ | ‘We need you to leave’.

Anxiety , it peaks and ebbs like that brainwave pulse–up, down, up, down. Oh for a stable line on the former, a steady pattern on the latter.

     ‘Play favourite music tracks’ | ‘Don’t make so much clatter’
‘A calm atmosphere’ | ‘Mental stimulation’

You sit, as wallpaper, occasionally talking, anxiously waiting to start planning rehabilitation, while agonising on the question… how long before he’s walking?


This Post created for the ABC for 2018 challenge.
Comments & links to your effort welcome.

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