Conjuring Up Ideas…

ConjurerAKA – using imagination to find inspiration; is that not a feeble link between the Daily Prompt and my own self-set blogging challenge?

Where do my writing ideas pop out from? They’re conjured up from my imagination, or a memory, or an attempt to recall a vivid dream,.

It’s not a matter of, like the traditional image of a modern conjuror, waving a black stick with a white tip over an upturned collapsible top hat (until Penn & Teller do their thing – revealing the ‘secret’). Nor is it the steaming black iron kettle, billowing clouds of vapours from the weird ingredients in the stew/broth, with wizened women circling it while chanting mystical words.

It’s… points noted, a process of sifting and sorting words, phrases, sentences, conversations, scenes, action… Anything which I can put together to build a story filled with realistically lively and memorable characters and moments.

Moments – they’re all I’m ready for yet. Oh, I’ve tried to get a book-length work or two finished. I’ve done the NaNoWriMo thing – many times. Never finished a novel length piece yet.

There’s always “something” wrong, or at least, “not right” as it develops: Things missing, overworked, unrealistic, mismatched, POV failed… What’s missing may be a link between scenes, a character trait, “showing”, a plot point, a character motive… Overworked dialogue, or description, or backstory… Unrealistic dialogue from an established character, or the setting’s “off” for the tale’s period, the setting doesn’t suit the genre… Mismatched tenses, dialogue, character names to characteristics… POV fails as I mind hop, as I change from third person to omniscient, or selecting first person,– the most innocently challenging POV I’ve come up against – then realising he can’t know everything.

Conjuring up writing ideas is the easy part. Writing a work to completion is, for me, the tough part. Which is why I’m glad I have people who willingly critique foe me – no holds barred.

This post is to fulfill my self-imposed challenge, and that of a WordPress Daily Prompt.

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