The letter is – ‘I’

alphabet-I=abc for 2018I am an IdIot. I ImagIned I’d be able to post somethIng for each letter of the alphabet, once a fortnIght.

But … ‘neIn’. It’s been ImpossIble for me to keep to the tImelIne.

Anyway, the challenge Is to wrIte a post, the fIrst word of the tItle to begIn wIth “I”.

Idleness. IdIocy. InIt(IatIve. IntImacy. Ireland. Islands. Itches. Icons. Ions, Iron, Ivy.

G’wan, have a go!

Tag or CategorIse your post [ ABC for 2018 ]
And do use a TackBack so I can find your post? Thanks

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