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Changes are afoot

This blog is soon to be refocused.

Along with my norm of posting trivia, opinion pieces, stories etc, I will be focussing on a particular topic, one I know best – education. More specifically, teaching: memoirs, methodologies, well-remembered pupils and peers in teaching.

I am preparing a book on Schooling in New Zealand between 1956 (when I began in Primer One) and 2007 (when I ceased tertiary lecturing).

The title is not set yet, but I will announce it later on. In the meantime, I have been seeking copies of old NZ teaching Syllabus documents and current ones, and the Education Review Office’s (ERO – an acronym which in its early days struck fear in many communities and schools) reports of the school at which I was Principal, and the last compulsory level school I taught at before moving into tertiary level lecturing.

The book will meld anecdotes with opinion pieces, and include excerpts from Syllabus/Curriculum documents in effect at the time of the anecdote.

I have tried novelling – via NaNoWriMo – but have never been confident or enthusiastic to bother completing any. So – “NaNoNo’Mo'” – I am following the old advice: “Write about what you know”. And boy, do I know teaching! It has been my most satisfying job through my working life, and I would return to lecturing in a shot if I could.

So please, wish me well in this new challenge.

If you are a student of education preparing for a career as teacher, this will interest you.

If you are a parent and wanting to help your own child/ren via home schooling (I’ve BTDT) or as they pass through their years at school, this will interest you.

Thank you



Another Year Bites the Dust

Well here I am .. at six minutes to eleven pm on Tuesday 31st December 2013 … In bed alongside a snoozing (audibly so) husband, with occasional neighbourhood bursts of fire crackers.

Most of Rotorua will have been down on the lake-side green, enjoying bouncy castles, merry-go-rounds, gobby clown games of “chance” until kiddies’ bedtimes.

Then the music Fest would have begun, the young adults will have poured out of the pubs and bars and restaurants to party in the New Year in {consults watch} fifty-five minutes. Funny thing is – for a mass celebration scheduled for a count-down to midnight and a massive fireworks display, with rock bands supposedly belting it out until the count down …

… I can’t hear a thing! I’m missing Nothing! So, good night, all. Enjoy your local Happy New Year Fest, and may 2014 be a good year for all.

For me, 2014 will offer me new opportunities – and if I were to make a NY Resolution, it would be to stop being chicken-livered and dependent on others “okaying”  my actually doing anything.
I Will change my GP.
I Will get my former scrapbooking kits out and set up.
I Will self publish my kindle collection of short stories and poems.
I Will get a car of my own while my driver’s licence is still valid (expires in ’16).
I Will help the local council organise a 2015 Saint Patrick’s Day Festival.
I Will get at least a part-time job and independence back.

I will Not let people treat me as if I’m still a fragile invalid.
I will Not let “people” belittle me or my opinions.
I will Not let people stop me sewing for simple recreation (hence need for independent income).

I am going to be the forty-nine-year old I would have been if the oncologists prognosis had been correct
(“Dead in seven years” they said in Y2K – RUBBISH!)

“It’s ALIVE!” as Mary Shelley wrote.


This is response to

THE HOBBIT -Desolation Of Smaug

I went to the 3D version of THE HOBBIT: Desolation of Smaug. Absolutely fantastic. Jackson has included sections into the plot which were not in Tolkien‘s Hobbit, but which were alluded to as back story by Gandalf in LORD of the RINGS, so it did make sense that they’re in the Hobbit movie.

The movie ceased when Smaug flies out from under the mountain after the party of dwarves attempted to kill him in their fortress, to exact revenges on the people in Lake Town (the survivors and offspring from the city of Dale he’d razed years before. (Amusing to see Stephen Fry in the role of the pompous leader of the city.) In the book, that’s only one or two chapters from the end, so the gods know what will fill the third movie.

The 3D version was much more effective than the 2D video of an Unexpected Journey. So I expect I’ll be looking at the third movie as 3D as well. Five stars, and thanks again Mr Jackson for an expert transition of literature to movie.

NZ Book Month in March

And Rotorua is doing it in a uniquely Rotorua way.

“Rotorua Write Up 2K13” is the title for the month’s programme, involving events and activities more interesting than only having published authors signing their books in a Booksellers NZ book store.

Writers Ali and Katie are in full roar getting things organized.

Here are the programme’s official media channels :

facebook Group is Rotorua Write Up 2K13

Twitter is @RotoruaWriteUp2K13

Blogspot  is RotoruaWriteUp2013