FIAF #77 - FabianPerez-NightPleasures-
Night Pleasures” art © Fabian PEREZ

Got my back against the bar,
cigarette smokes curling around
in grey and blue.

Been standing here for hours,
‘cause you made an offer I’d not be
able to refuse.

Whatever chance I had befor e, honey,
it ‘pears I’m the sucker who’s gonna lose.

I got them ol’ bar-leaning, rumpled suit, old man, whiskey-waiting blues.

Written for a Fiction In a Flash challenge at Multiply (R.I.P.) in 2012.


We waited, breath bated

Two ships of the desert crossing the sand,
now standing, saddled for us to ride.
You in your boat, floating close to the shore,
dreading a change to an outgoing tide.
Between us a border guard, watching to see;
staunchly he stands between you and me.
We’ll wait. He’ll move on, seek something more.
Then you’ll swim to me here on the ashore.