The Mad Poets Society has been live in Rotorua (N.Z.) since May, 1994.
Frank May, a member of the Rotorua Writers Group, placed an advertisement in the local newspaper – Rotorua Daily Post – along the lines of…

“Calling all poets. If you have an interest in reading, writing, or listening to poetry, join us at Monkey Jo’s Bar on Monday May 15 at 6 pm.”

Apparently, “Cynics said at the time a town such as Rotorua, lacking a University, would never sustain a weekly poetry group since it {the town} ‘lacked culture’.”
[quoting from the Foreword of the Mad Poets Society’s published anthology 1000 Shades of Verse.

But look at it today! Still actively publishing an annual anthology, participating in the annual New Zealand National Poetry Day, still meeting weekly. Only the membership has changed, and an occasional change of location – currently kindly hosted at Atlantis Books in Eruera Street.

Copies of many of their anthologies are available.
Check the Mad Poets Society’s FaceBook page for more information.

Below this site page in the Menu are my posts with my poetry written for the Mad Poets weekly themes

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