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Employers’ Notices

cover_Coles Funny Picture Book 1“The following are [according to Cole’s Funny Picture Book No. One, page 202, published in 1879, and sold world-wide] actual notices to potential employees of the various establishments’ equivalent of the current Smoke-Free Policies in the Workplace.”
A four-page section was included in that year’s issue –
– Boy Smoking – Narcotics and Intoxicants – Pipes of the world

Multitudes of Employers, both in England and America, will not employ Boy Smokers, and publicly announce the same. The following statements show some of the large establishments that are closed against cigarette smokers in America:—

Swift & Co. (Packing House, Chicago), and other Chicago business houses, employing hundreds of boys, have issued this announcement, or similar ones—“So impressed with the danger of Cigarette using that we do not employ a Cigarette user.”

Marshall Field, the Mammoth Universal Provider, gave similar notice.

Montgomery, Ward and Co., the universal providers, say, “We will not employ cigarette users.”

Morgan and Wright Tyre company, large employers, announce, “No cigarettes can be smoked by our employees.”

At John Wanamakers — the application blank to be filled out by boys applying for a position reads: “‘Do you use tobacco or cigarettes?’ A negative answer is expected, and is favourable to their acceptance as employees.”

Heath and Milligan, Chicago, bar cigarette users.

Carson, Pirie and Scott, Chicago, bar cigarette smokers as employees.

Ayer’s Sarsparilla Company, Lovell, employs hundreds of boys. —”March 1, 1902—Believing that the smoking of cigarettes is injurious to both mind and body, thereby unfitting young men for their best work—therefore after this date we will not employ any young man under twenty-one years of age who smokes cigarettes.”

“I’ve got a boy for you, sir.”
“Glad of it; who is he?” asked the master workman of a large establishment. The man told the boy’s name and where he lived.
“Don’t want him,” said the master workman, “he has got a bad mark.”
“A bad mark, sir; what?”
“I meet him every day with a cigar in his mouth; I don’t want smokers!”

“The Lehigh Valley Railroad bars cigarette smokers.”

“The Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad bars cigarette smoking.”

“The New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad bars employees who smoke cigarettes.”

“The Central Railroad, Georgia, forbids cigarette smoking.”

“The Union Pacific Railroad forbids cigarette smoking.”

The following is a public notice: “The Western Union Telegraph Company will discharge from their messenger service boys who persist in smoking cigarettes.”

A Telephone Company. —Order: “You are directed to serve notice that the use of cigarettes after August 1 will be prohibited; and you are further instructed to, in the future, refuse to employ anyone who is addicted to the habit.” —Leland Hume, Assistant General Manager of the Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company.

In the United States Weather Bureau. —’Chief of United States Weather Bureau, Willis M. Moore, has placed the ban on cigarettes in this department of Government service’.”

Written And Compiled By E.W. Cole (1832-1918)
First Published 1879 By Cole Publications, Melbourne, Australia.
73rd Edition Totalling 920,000 copies.

Facsimile (.pdf) available at Gutenberg Press
The Online edition includes the original artwork, as originally published in print

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