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E – is for the ABC for 2018 Challenge

E-alphabet-EAre you joining me in this fortnightly (two-weekly – sort of) challenge for tour blog too?

Ideas to start you off? Think about… Eggs, Elevator pitch, Elementary school, Eternity (woah, that could be deep), Expressions, Effort, Epiphany … you get the idea.

The letter starter should have been posted  much earlier, and due two weeks later.
But, as you know by now, I’ve not kept to my own schedule, so there’s not a fortnight in which to do this ‘E ‘ challenge.
So, all I ask is, write a post – a poem, a short story, an opinion piece – on any topic that comes to you to match the letter of the moment, and have it “live” by April 3rd (ten days away; I have to catch up to my original schedule).

Please leave a comment, a rating, or when you’ve posted your response, a ping-back