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Screensavers and Facebook – working to overcome writer’s block

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Loving Deadlines



Screensavers and Facebook.

Believe it or not, they go together quite nicely, do Facebook and your screensaver.


We read down our Facebook page to see what our friends have Shared, and we click to see it at a larger size, and read the comments made back at its original home. Maybe we even Share it to another friend’s page



And if we like it, we right-mouse click and Save Image. Maybe we even keep all of them in a folder.



Well, I have been trawling all my Facebook friends’ pages and using Save Image 390363_188861601212562_1356699119_n
on every pic I like.

I save them into a particular file folder.
And now I’ve changed my computer’s screensaver to Photos from that particular file folder only,
and set it to change the pictures slowly (as some have a lot of reading to be done to get the best of the message).

If I’m sitting at the computer feeling glum, I can leave it to show me all the happy thoughts and motivators,
things to make me smile or even laugh out loud.



And on a good day suddenly I’ll be back into the mood to fire up the muse and get back to the writing.