May I introduce myself…

Lynne McAennyl — my nom-de-plume for my developing career as a published writer.

I have been blogging ( at MSN groups (RIP), Multiply, Blogspot and just recently begun at Blogster) on topics such as Basenjis, N Z native birds, N Z education, or whatever moved me to express myself – often a response to writers’ groups’ challenges.

After gaining a Certificate in Creative Writing in 2011, winning three Rotorua Writers’ Group competitions and the annual Originality Award the same year, I completed a Diploma in Creative Writing in 2012.

I have an eBook I will be publishing in early December,  an accounting textbook to complete sometime, and a NaNoWriMo draft or two to complete

There. I’ve put it on public record, my dream/plan …

I guess I’d better make sure it happens, yeh?